Just too good!!

I tried my new anchor for the first time on Saturday a week ago and was extremely pleased.
It was a good day for a test with about an 18kt southerly which, in the latter part of the afternoon, reinforced with about a 4 – 5kt flood tide over the grass beds off St Leonards, in these conditions the 5.9kg (13lb) Mantus held our 5m, 800kg open boat firmly in position and never gave an inch. I was astounded with how quickly the anchor set and in one instance we (2) were nearly jerked off our feet when the anchor line slack was taken up.
Between 4.00 and 6.00pm we found we could readily position the boat in relation to sand holes in the weed to fish for King George Whiting and STAY there. In the prevailing conditions we would have given up after 30 minutes with the 5kg CQR anchor that I was previously using.
Incidentally after working about 6 holes we ended up with a bag of 33 whiting plus some flathead over the period.
All up, a very successful item of equipment which made our choice of fishing possible on the day and as a bonus was easy to pull up and fitted neatly in the small anchor well.