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SeaQuill is no longer the Drag Queen

Just a quick note to firstly thank you for the prompt professional way you organised the delivery of our new anchors. Well packed, complete and including a good set of instructions.

The performance of the main anchor is nothing short of astounding!! It grabs hold of the bottom like a man possessed and refuses to budge. We have ridden out a storm with gusts over 40 knots and watched the others in the anchorage drift away. It bites in with such immediacy that we have to modify our anchoring technique. The first time I thought we had snagged a rock it pulled us up so quickly. We have anchored in a strong tidal stream and as the tide turned us around the anchor resets within a metre. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Now it is not that I disbelieved the video showing the dinghy anchor digging in… well I stood in the shallows and watched it turn and dig in… fancy a truthful advert.

The last item that deserves comment is the swivel. I was never a fan of them because they always looked flimsily and couldn’t convince to ditch a good solid shackle. Yours is a smart, strong design that doesn’t look like the weakest link.

Looking forward to many uninterrupted sleeps…