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Tell us about your experience with Marine Innovations Products!

SeaQuill is no longer the Drag Queen

Just a quick note to firstly thank you for the prompt professional way you organised the delivery of our new anchors. Well packed, complete and including a good set of instructions.

The performance of the main anchor is nothing short of astounding!! It grabs hold of the bottom like a man possessed and refuses to budge. We have ridden out a storm with gusts over 40 knots and watched the others in the anchorage drift away. It bites in with such immediacy that we have to modify our anchoring technique. The first time I thought we had snagged a rock it pulled us up so quickly. We have anchored in a strong tidal stream and as the tide turned us around the anchor resets within a metre. Doesn't get any better than that.

Now it is not that I disbelieved the video showing the dinghy anchor digging in... well I stood in the shallows and watched it turn and dig in... fancy a truthful advert.

The last item that deserves comment is the swivel. I was never a fan of them because they always looked flimsily and couldn't convince to ditch a good solid shackle. Yours is a smart, strong design that doesn't look like the weakest link.

Looking forward to many uninterrupted sleeps...

Tony Colpus

Mantus Chain Hook 3/8" Gal

Was able to get out last weekend and used the chain hook, it was very easy to use and worked perfectly. In the afternoon on Sunday it was holding my Lagoon 39 nicely in 27+kts winds... great product.


Jacob Van der Eyk

Mantus hook works

Within a week of ordering my Mantus hook it arrived, which is very good service to a small town in country SA.
When I first opened the package I thought I had ordered the wrong hook but it was soon evident that it was the correct one for the 200' of 3/8 chain I carry on my 35' yacht. It appears to be over engineered when compared to my old spring hook which I have used for 20 years (see photo), but that is not a bad thing. I also upgraded my spring line to 19mm but with a reduced length of 15' as I usually anchor in depths of between 8 & 25 feet.
Having used it now for half a season my crew and I found that it is easy to install and remove. It has performed well in the 25-30 knots sea breezes we get here in South Australia's Spencer Gulf, although I haven't used it in any stronger winds yet I am sure it will make the ride at anchor a lot easier.

Fred Howes

8lb/3.6kg Mantus Anchor

The anchor is awesome, grabs within 5 metres of dragging which is to be expected in the type of bottom I fish on. Years of broken down coral. No other anchor has held my boat and it's only 4.5 metre, but current very strong. Anyway more than happy even with a shorter length of chain, still no problem. Can honestly say that it's saving by back and arms from aching trying to pull anchors twice as heavy and twice the amount of chain, not to mention my hair falling out stressing about getting on the spot!! Thank you, thank you. I'm telling everyone I know about the Mantus Anchor.

Wayne W.

13lb Mantus Anchor

The anchor worked as good as you said it would. It bit and held first time with a lot less rope out which made it easier to hit our fishing marks.
I did win the competition thanks to your Mantus anchor as I weighed in a 7kg snapper and a 4ft gummy shark.
Thanks again, I will recommend to all I know.

Colin Turner.

Colin Turner

So glad we purchased the Mantus

Finally hit the water with my new Mantus anchor and the promises about performance were true, it works perfectly. I would recommend this item to everybody, especially to those boaters who are sick and tired of useless non holding anchors. So glad we purchased the Mantus.

Garry Rowles

No drag, was really impressive

Thanks for your help in choosing the Mantus anchor. I have used it on the last 2 outings in Port Phillip Bay in 15 knot wind, in mud at 20m depth off Patterson River with no drag instant set on at least 4 occasions and yesterday in 10 knot wind and 4 knot tide run in Western Port Bay on different bottom with instant set and no drag was really impressive. I have no problem recommending this anchor. Mine is the 15 lb version on 18 ft fibreglass Whitteley.
Regards Mike

Mike Matlock

Mantus anchor hook

I finally bit the bullet and purchased the mantus anchor hook to suit our 10mm anchor chain for our Lagoon 410 catamaran. We gave the hook a real workout. The simplicity of the design and attaching it is just brilliant. For catamarans using a bridle I would not use anything else now. The wife loves it. Glenda is a gem and went out of her way to ensure a smooth transaction.

Greg Harding

Just too good!!

I tried my new anchor for the first time on Saturday a week ago and was extremely pleased.
It was a good day for a test with about an 18kt southerly which, in the latter part of the afternoon, reinforced with about a 4 - 5kt flood tide over the grass beds off St Leonards, in these conditions the 5.9kg (13lb) Mantus held our 5m, 800kg open boat firmly in position and never gave an inch. I was astounded with how quickly the anchor set and in one instance we (2) were nearly jerked off our feet when the anchor line slack was taken up.
Between 4.00 and 6.00pm we found we could readily position the boat in relation to sand holes in the weed to fish for King George Whiting and STAY there. In the prevailing conditions we would have given up after 30 minutes with the 5kg CQR anchor that I was previously using.
Incidentally after working about 6 holes we ended up with a bag of 33 whiting plus some flathead over the period.
All up, a very successful item of equipment which made our choice of fishing possible on the day and as a bonus was easy to pull up and fitted neatly in the small anchor well.

Bill Kither

Best Anchors ever made

Went out on 31/01/2015 top end of Port Philip Bay in 20knots wind and I can say Mantus 6kgs Anchor just BRILLiANT, don't just take my word for it.

Roger Cherin

Mantus 65lb Anchor

I did go out on the Saturday night the week you sent the 65lb Mantus and the weather was horrible.
Gusting over 30knots I set the anchor alarm so it would go off at tide change(1.30am) .
Well lucky I did as I went upstairs and there was another yacht that had dragged and was heading for us.
The Mantus held like you couldn't imagine, and in fact the winch stalled 3 times trying to lift it up.....I had to move directly over the top to even budgeit.

Justin C.

Justin Clarke
600Cranes Australasia

Mantus Anchor

This is my 2nd Mantus Anchor, unfortunately the first one one is now part of an artificial reef in Hervey Bay. I found the anchor really good, that is why I am getting another one.
Kevin L.

Kevin Lategan

Love the Mantus

I was out in my first decent blow anchored on the mud and was jumping for joy. I was holding fast, whilst others slowly drifted back. After 5 yrs of trying everything this was pure elation for me, it really was.

Jason Gillies

Love the Mantus!

Amazing, Amazing product.

Toban Penner
Penner Web Design
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